Manuka Oil Testimonials

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The Best Stuff ever!

I bought this because I use Manuka Honey for everything. I had a fungal infection on a fingernail that was treated with antibiotics, anti-fungal cream but it just wouldn't go away because my hands are in water so much, after 6 days of twice a day treatment with this AMAZING oil, it is almost gone. I am such a believer in the power of this stuff. A must have for all households.

This is a natural topical solution for anti-bacterial treatments

The product works well. In fact I use it in my soaps and salves. I bump and cut myself when I'm working in the yard, house, the vehicles (especially the vehicles), and other projects. The results are a quicker healing time without the aid of petroleum based products. The aroma is unique, however the results are satisfactory.

I found this product to be safer on open wound placement vs petroleum base on open wounds. This oil stopped a burn infection about a few weeks faster than my usual brand product. I'm sold on this one. I'm stocking up on multiple bottles for my emergency kits.

The product works so well, I only need to purchase once a year maybe. I do seasonal landscaping/hardscape and occasionally experience skin traumas. Manuka Oil works as well and at times better than my normal anti-topicals.

I love the many uses this oil has!!

So excited to add this oil to my collection and even more excited to experience all of its uses!! So far I have only used it a couple times and I love it. My husband came to me last night asking if I had any of my "concoctions" for a swollen knee, I of course went straight to my oil box and started looking. Then pulled up the "e-book" that the awesome seller sent me via email after I purchased my Manuka oil and YAY!!

I found exactly what I needed and mixed up a blend for my husband and put on his knee. Today he is very happy that he can not only walk without pain, he can now squat which he couldn't do before and being an automotive painter, his job often requires squatting!! So in love with my Manukau oil!!

Best cure for acne boils

Never using anything else again other than this for acne treatment, boils, MRSA, everything is clearing up just using it overnight, after years of suffering the smell is nothing compared to other products I have used, it works so the smell does not bother me at all, my MRSA lance mark is finally going away after a year, ordering a few more bottles I'm hooked for life

Completely cured our tween daughter's hormonal facial skin rashes

Our family is plagued with skin issues. ….Our son was born with eczema and continues to fight the battle of itchy, sensitive, infected skin. Our tween daughter (who is hormonally challenged) has been battling mysterious facial bumps and rashes for the past 2 years and our dermatologist has been unable to prescribe anything that helps.

After reading rave reviews about this product and researching its safety and natural ingredients, I decided to pull the trigger. The three of us are using Manuka oil for different reasons. ...Fortunately (I scream with excitement), we've already seen immediate, positive results on my daughter's skin, so I felt compelled to share this review in hopes that it helps others with similar issues.

Our daughter (who is now 12) began getting small whitish/red bumps pop on on her skin around her nose, mouth and chin area about 2 years ago. It was extremely embarrassing for her ... I tried everything: prescription dermatologist-recommended ointment (Protopic), tea tree oil, coconut oil, anti-fungal prescription medication (Nystatin), hypoallergenic lotions, creams, and antibiotic ointment. We saw a slight improvement with tea tree oil and protonic for a few days, but nothing else really helped. The rash would come and go causing much stress and humiliation.

I won't daughter HATES the smell of Manuka oil. …. For the first week, we applied the oil in a thin layer around her nose, mouth, and chin, twice daily. Within a day of use, it began drying out the rash and leaving peeling skin behind. ...It took about 2 full weeks for the rash to disappear completely.

I still encourage (with force) my daughter to use this oil every night after she washes her face with a mild cleanser. She still doesn't like the smell, but recognizes and appreciates it's effectiveness. She uses the honey skin lotion to minimize dryness. This Manuka oil has made a huge difference in her facial appearance and self esteem. Very few products we've tried have worked this quickly with minimal side effects.

I highly recommend the use of this product for Tweens and teenagers facing hormonal changes.

Manuka Oil and Soap Combo treated chronic staph infection, ringworm, and acne

This manuka oil combined with Hibiclens soap treated hormonal acne, ringworm I've had for 10+ years and a staph infection that has been persistent for 3 years. In two weeks. …..I'm not being paid to write this review by either product and I'm a hyper skeptic when it comes to "miracle cures." I'm just overjoyed to find something that works and I want to spread the word.

Regime in the beginning until my skin cleared up: lathered and rinsed affected areas with Hibiciclens (used a foaming soap dispenser) 2x a day and applied pure Manuka Oil once before bed.

Regime now: still use Hibiclens 2x a day but only pure Manuka Oil 1x every two weeks. I mix two drops of Manuka Oil in a teaspoon of aloe vera gel and apply it to my face for acne treatment. It's been three months since my skin has cleared up and I've had no signs of ringworm and only three small bumps of what could have been staph or just infected hair follicles (I put a drop of Manuka on them and they shriveled overnight).

This product has made an AMAZING difference in my skin!

Cystic Acne

I have cystic acne on my cheeks and within 24 hours it brought down the redness and swelling.

Works on Ringworm – Amazed

I am quite amazed! I wasn't sure about the authenticity of this product, but I have only been using it for 2 days and already I notice a huge difference in the condition of the little ringworm patch that I have on my skin. I thought Tea Tree oil was great stuff, which it is, but this Manuka oil has wowed me. And, you really only need one drop for a small application. Definitely worth buying!

I used this Oil instead of antibiotics

I had a minor procedure and was prescribed antibiotics. I knew I wasn't going to use them. This oil was all I needed to prevent infection and speed up the healing process. I had a recurring cyst before the procedure, I do believe this oil went in and did the job of cleaning up the infection. It has been a few months and nothing has come back, I used antibiotic ointment at the beginning and added the oil as part of the healing and dressing process.

Dried up MRSA Rash on Contact!

First, let me say that I have only had this product for about 5 hours and I am already a believer. I am currently in month 8 of an epic battle with a MRSA infection that initially appeared on my forehead (around Sept 2018). I had multiple outbreaks (over a dozen) between my official diagnosis in the first week of November 2018 and March of 2019 in the form of an angry, inflamed, oozing, bumpy rash.

-No, the smell isn't great, but I don't find it nearly as horrifying as some of the other reviews make it sound. It smells like musty tea tree oil- no big deal. Do you wanna smell like rainbows or do you want your skin to clear up?

-This stuff is strong. It says that it doesn't irritate sensitive skin but you should absolutely, 1000%, use a carrier oil (at least until you know how you react)- I went with jojoba oil

-My infection began to die off within seconds of the first application. I literally watched the infected matter inside the bumps harden and dry up right before my eyes.

There are very few, if any, side effects. Almost every topical I've used itches like mad, stings/burns, etc., but this is pretty mild. Though I don't wanna get ahead of myself, I am a happy camper so far and feel good about this purchase!

Great help for Alopecia Areata inflammation and itching!!!!

This oil has been a GREAT benefit for me. I have been diagnosed with alopecia areata and am losing my hair. The hair follicles in the balding area are inflamed and itching. I was prescribed steroid cream by my doctor to treat the area, but the steroid med just irritated the area worse and made blisters on my skin, …. I decided to try this Manuka Oil to treat the inflammation from the alopecia. I applied the oil on the affected area and got relief from the itching within 10 minutes! The oil is absorbed into my skin after a few minutes, so my hair is not oily or greasy from applying it. It has not helped in growing the hair back, though, which I didn't expect it to, but I am just happy to have no itching, blistering, and inflammation. I wear a hairpiece made from natural hair and the oil has not negatively affected it at all. So happy to finally get relief and no side effects.


I bought this for my husband and myself as we both have battled toe nail fungus for years and years he is on some kind of anti fungus pill the doctor put him on I refuse to take it. I started putting this on my toes mostly my big toes about 2wks ago I am sold on it this has started working already and I have tried everything from oregano oil to vicks vapo rub, you name it I have put it on my toes.

This is working and I mean working my toe nails have gone from crusty to looking pink now mind you the nasty part is still there but if I cut all of that off there would be only half a nail. But that being said even that part looks better just not normal. I am hoping that in a month or so I can cut that yucky part off and it will look so much better. I have issues with my back breaking out so I thought well let me try this on it wow in 3 days it is clearing up. This stuff is totally amazing! And to think I found this looking for the honey version. So glad I stumbled onto it.

Great For Large Wounds

I had a huge wound in my arm and decided to use Manuka Oil in hopes it would work. Less than a week my wound was fusing together and scabbing up! This is a miracle oil and worth the money. A little bit goes a long way!

We love manuka oil

It's helping to finally clear up my warts and hubby's toe nail fungus, both problems of many years' standing. I also really appreciate the e-book the seller provided free.

Great for toenail fungus

I’ve been using this oil for my toenail fungus for about one week and I definitely notice improvement in nail color and also less brittleness. I know i have to wait till a new nail starts growing to see final result but as for now, I’m really happy with what I see.

The oil has an “earthy” smell which I don’t find it bad at all. I’m really happy I gave this product a try.

I love this oil for shingles

I came down with a severe case of shingles and mixed a few drops of this oil with coconut oil and spread it over the area of shingles (3x a day during the worst) and they started to heal very quickly and the itching was reduced. This oil is great and I will keep it as a standard first aid item. The order arrived quickly as promised and packaged very well.

Getting rid of my fungal infection

I purchased this manuka oil in hopes it could help to get rid of (or at least control) a fungal infection. I got Sporotrichosis (a.k.a. 'rose gardener's disease) when a rose prickle punctured my index finger. I could tell the Sporothrix schenckii fungus was doing its business because of the un-healing lump with peeling skin and discoloration that developed at the site. I learned that the typical treatment for this would be oral prescription antifungal meds taken for 3-6 months. I decided to give the manuka oil a try first due to its strong anti-fungal properties. I am very happy that after using it daily for 2 weeks now, the lump has receded and is now flat to the skin. It is also less discolored, and the skin is healing. I believe that after another week or two of using the manuka oil this spot will be completely gone. Also, I personally like the scent of the manuka oil, though I understand that some users don't care much for it. To me, it has a nice, 'woodsy' aroma. Thanks!

Lives up to the hype

I got a piercing in my left ear 1.5 years ago. It never really healed and was always getting infected no matter how careful I was. I never had a problem with piercings healing before my and the usual recommendations of sea salt soaks, LITHA (leave it the hell alone), and tea tree oil weren't cutting it. I actually bought this essential oil for a different application, but I ended up using it on my ear in desperation. The infection was nearly gone in 24 hours. After three days of application, it was calm and pain-free for the first time in a year.

I was stunned!! Truly a wonderful oil.

You’ll be shocked how good this works!!

This stuff is incredible!! I've been dealing with acne all my life and this product changed my life!! I could see a difference immediately!! Dries pimples and tightens pores. Smell takes a while to get used to, but so worth it!!

Wonderful results

Great stuff! I had a blister on the side of my left foot that broke and then turned into a wound that would not heal. I tried every kind of antibiotic cream, even a prescription from the doctor. No results for more than 5 months. I read aboUt Manuka oil's healing properties and read the testimonials and bought it.

Within 2-3 days of starting the Manuka Oil applications, the wound started to heal. I've used nearly the entire bottle now and the foot has completely healed. I also had a small growth on my arm. It was unsightly and I tried several other ointments and creams to get rid of it. I put a little Manuka oil on it and within 3 Days, the grown was gone!!! I'm going to buy another bottle to keep in my medicine chest. It's good for so many things.

Excellent essential oil

I am a gardener and I frequently incur scrapes and cuts from my roses and other sharp needle plants. I make sure that I make a wash with a couple of drops of the manuka oil so that I never get an infected from the cuts. For an allover air cleanse, I also add the manuka oil to my diffuser. The scent is strong, depending on how much oil added, and it can be combined with any other oil for a healthy, fresh scent for your house.

Effective where other antiseptics are not

ADD it to skin care and other products. A drop is all you need. It's especially good on those little hardened spots, and on scalp. Smells nice, like coriander or somewhat like lavender (in my opinion). ADD this, a few drops, to other antiseptics and to skin care products.

A few drops go a long way.

           Tamanu Oil Testimonials

Value for money

This oil has done more to soothe and clear my skin in two weeks than months of work and hundreds of dollars of other products, including prescriptions. Menopause-related blemishes and pesky psoriasis are cleared. Skin looks smooth, fresh, soft, and rested. I find the natural, nutty scent pleasant.

Keeps my skin from breaking out

This oil is absolutely AMAZING! Believe me, it takes a lot for me to make a statement like that. ….I have dry, acne-prone skin and it hates EVERYTHING. I've been trying and failing at the Oil Cleansing Method for years. Each time my face breaks out due to either clogged pores or an oil purge. I researched this oil and found out how different it is from other oils. Mainly linoleic content and a bunch of other fancy terms. But essentially this is better for healing acne and scarring. It's true folks. Not even a week after I've started using this oil and my acne is almost extinct. I still have a few bumps but they are slowly disappearing. And I have no new breakouts. My skin feels moisturized and it isn't irritated at all. ….. I'm so happy. I'm recommending it to my best friend to try. She's struggled with her skin for such a long time and we've been fighting this war together. .For $15 dollars that knocks those fancy Acutane and Proactiv gimmicks out of the park. No more chemicals, just pure natural goodness in this oil. No more makeup for me, unless it's for fun, not a necessity.

Try this, try this, try this - you won't regret it Search

I am a Dermatologist and recommend this oil

I don’t want you to read a long review; so let me keep this as short as possible. I have dry skin that breaks out every once in a while. I have noticed that the capillaries on my face keep breaking, dry patches keep cropping up signs all pointed to rosacea. My face was becoming SO red and sensitive, I was getting quite self-conscious; even with makeup on.

I did some research and came across this oil. I started using it right after washing morning and evening and use 2 pumps each time. I rub my hands together to heat up the oil and then immediately press my hands to my face in different areas. The oil absorbs quite well. There is a slight earthy smell but it doesn’t bother me at all. Pretty amazing stuff!! Not only is my face less red but my pores look smaller, most of the broken capillaries have faded, and the texture on my cheeks and cheekbones is dramatically improved. I am HAPPY!

Great for Eczema

I got eczema and got a bad outbreak on face and hands. Regular eczema creams did not help at all. Saw this product and the reviews sold me. I agree with others, it has a unique nutty smell, but not too overbearing. I saw this product working within days. It took 2 weeks of reapplying multiple times daily, but my skin cleared up. Definitely recommend!

Scalp Psoriasis

I was desperate to clear a terrible and extended case of scalp psoriasis. Needed to color my graying roots but the psoriasis break out went on for three months ... until I tried this oil. Honestly, I found the product after googling my symptoms and then googling "remedies for scalp psoriasis". Found this affordable product on Amazon and decided to at least try one "homeopathic" remedy before running to my dermatologist. Maybe it was coincidence, but if not, wow. The patches of crusted sores (sorry if 'tmi') and intense itching were alleviated in just a few days ... with complete clearing in seven days. (Seriously - On day eight, I was at the salon coloring my gray roots!) So, yeah, I highly recommend this product!

Stopped my hair falling out

I have been experiencing a very bad flare up with scalp psoriasis - my hair is actually thinning, and I'm only 30 :( my scalp was so dry that the hair cuticles were dying, so my hair was falling out quicker than it was growing back. NOTHING I used was helping. I tried so many different types of conditioners, I tried taking warm baths, I tried T-Sal, I tried a medicine that my dermatologist prescribed me (which works temporarily but damages my hair). I finally came across this stuff and it is amazing. I use it every night before I go to bed. It's very greasy, so you have to wash it out in the morning. It provides immediate relief from the itchiness and has been effective in treating my scalp. Slowly but surely my head is getting healthier and my hair has stopped falling out.

Amazing Product works for everything on the Skin

I'm so glad I found this oil! It has made my skin more even in complexion and has even helped with my acne! ….This is an all purpose oil. I Had a bug bite, I used this! My boyfriend had razor burn, this took it away the next day! My mom has severe eczema and this has helped her! ….. This is an all purpose oil that you can use on EVERYTHING! Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Just as how the father uses glass cleaner for everything, I tell everyone to just put Tamanu oil on it. HA! (use on face, hair, nails/hands, body, razor burn, sun burn, scars, rashes, as a deodorant etc.)

Awesome Product & Great Customer Service

I was a little skeptical but the Tamanu Oil exceeded my expectations. I'm a middle aged man. A few years ago I developed Eczema (which I attribute to chronic stress). I have small acne scars my younger days. I have been using this product for about 1.5 months. I noticed it helped calm my facial eczema right away. ….I am really pleased and plan to continue using this product.


After having a great complexion for years, I developed Rosacea in my 50's. I tried everything - serums, special soaps, medications, etc. - nothing worked. After reading the reviews for the Tamanu Oil, I decided to buy a bottle and give it a try. I applied per the directions each night and waited. For the first week or so, I had more breakouts, but they were small, not the hard red pustules I usually got. I then changed my application by applying the serum to my wet face. Big difference! Guess the straight oil was a bit too strong for my skin. It has been a month since I started using the oil and my face is basically blemish free. Small veins are fading, breakouts are almost nonexistent and dark spots, scars are also fading! I am very satisfied with this product and will continue to use it.

Amazing non-chemical solution for my Acne

This stuff is truly amazing! I've been dealing with acne for over 20 years. I've tried every topical brand on the market & all they do is dry & irritate my skin, causing further breakouts. Obviously chemicals are not the answer so I decided to research essential oils & came across this. I saw results in days & now almost a month later, my skin is clear, more even toned & my scars are faded. I have been recommending it to everyone. I wish I knew about this years ago! I feel like a weight has been lifted & I no longer have to stress & worry about my skin. All I use is an all natural exfoliating face wash & this oil. I'm so pleased with this simple routine & amazing results! Love, love, love it!!!

This stuff will transform your skin, but you must give it time!

I bought Tamanu oil in the hopes that it would help with my hormonal acne. After a couple weeks of using it, I didn't see much of a difference in terms of breakouts. But it was evening my skin tone, so I decided to at least keep using it until the bottle was done. However, around the two month mark I began to see real results. …... My advice is to try Tamanu oil and stick with it for at least three months to really judge all the ways it can help you. I'm certainly glad I did!

Penetrates to Reduce Scars

This oil is amazing. After reading that Tamanu Oil can penetrate all 3 skin layers & works great for scars I decided to try it. This brand was organic so even better. The "fresh" scar was 3 weeks old when I began and its now gone! I'm still working on an older scar which has lightened somewhat. The ONLY thing I don't like is the pump comes out to fast and a little goes a long way. Will order again for sure!

Works On Dermatitis

This specific oil made miracles for my sister in law. who suffered from severe skin dermatitis. She lives abroad so I keep buying it for her in the US and sending it to her periodically. No conventional medicines and ointments could help her condition at all until she used this oil. It worked like magic and all symptoms were gone. At first she tried several brands which proved to be a "fake" type of this oil and they did nothing or worsened her condition. This one is amazing.

Anti-aging Oil

Tamanu oil is THE BEST! It is the most powerful natural anti-aging skin oil I know of. It healed a bump on my face that had been there for 3 years.

Best Tamanu oil for face blemishes and eliminates the need for creams, lotions

This Tamanu oil is great if you still get blemishes (60+ years) on your face and I use it on my face daily. The color and smell is so much nicer than other brands that leave green stains and a stronger odor. I don't even need face cream. My face doesn't look or feel oily, absorbs well.