Home Remedies for Athlete’s Foot

What Causes Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection. If you’ve ever had it, you won’t forget the itching, burning, and odor that accompanies this condition. It is a stubborn condition to get rid of because it thrives in the moist warmth between the toes and sometimes on the soles of the foot.

The condition starts where the skin is moist and warm for extended periods of time. Wearing shoes keeps the condition spreading since there is little air circulation to dry the fungus.

Millions of people have Athlete’s foot at any given time and while there are many over the counter remedies for this condition, most don’t fully handle it so that it is gone for good. It takes a combination of daily hygiene and an effective anti-fungal to tackle this stubborn condition.

Highly Effective Manuka Essential Oil for Athlete’s Foot Treatment

Natural Manuka Essential Oil

Manuka essential oil is one home remedy for athlete's foot that has a proven track record of effectiveness. This rare oil has a very high level of triketones, the active ingredient that gives it superior antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is gentle enough to use on tender, inflamed skin yet potent enough to kill the fungus. Using it twice a day after cleaning and thoroughly drying the foot knocks out the infection in short order.

The Manuka oil we source is produced from trees grown in a specific area of New Zealand called the East Cape. These wild-grown trees draw nutrients and other properties from the ancient volcanic soil predominant in that area.

Manuka oil is obtained through a steam distillation process that keeps the unique chemical properties of the oil intact. The oil produced from East Cape trees has been proven to contain the highest level of triketones of any oil produced. https://manukabioscience.co.nz/science/

Symptoms of Athletes Foot

If you have persistent itching and redness between your toes or under the toes where they meet the foot, you likely have athlete's foot infection. A red scaly rash can appear on the sides of the foot and there can also be blisters present.

Another form of athlete’s foot causes dryness on the bottom of the foot which looks like a simple case of dry skin. It is important to identify whether or not you have athlete’s foot because it is very contagious and easy to spread to other members of your household or other parts of your body.

Athlete's Foot is Related to Jock Itch and Ringworm

The fungus responsible for athlete’s foot is closely related to the fungus that causes ringworm and jock itch. Because it is so contagious it is easy to spread it to other parts of the body and other members of your household.

It is important to develop a consistent hygiene routine when treating athlete’s foot. Picking or scratching the affected area will contaminate your hand which can then spread the infection.

How to Use Manuka Oil on Athlete’s Foot Infections

Apply the oil directly to the affected area one to two times a day over a one-week period. Thoroughly wash your hands with antibacterial soap after each application.

Another way of using Manuka oil to treat athlete’s foot is to soak your feet for 15 minutes per day in 2 quarts of warm water mixed with 10 drops of Manuka oil. This can help prevent the fungal infection from progressing and is very relaxing too! Be sure to fully sanitize the footbath or whatever is used to prevent spreading the fungus.

Manuka oil treatment quickly controls the infection, relieves itching and odor and soothes the surrounding skin. The antibacterial properties promote healing so the infection does not spread to other parts of the foot as long as a twice-daily treatment routine is observed.

Preventing Reinfection

Toenail and athlete’s foot fungi thrive in a warm moist environment - which describes the inside of a shoe. To prevent reinfection, work a few drops of Manuka oil into the interior leather where it touches, or is near to, the affected areas of the foot or nails.

Change socks twice daily and wash them with very hot water. Thoroughly wash your towels and sheets in very hot water as well. Wear socks to bed to prevent spreading a fungus infection to bedmates.

Athlete’s foot can be successfully treated using Manuka essential oil combined with a strict regime of daily hygiene. The exceptionally high level of triketones knocks out the fungus and prevents secondary infections.

Preventing reinfection is simply a matter of wearing protective footwear when using public facilities such as pools and locker rooms as well as not sharing towels or other personal items with family members while treating the infection.