Health Benefits

Manuka Oil from the East Coast area has a very distinct chemical profile and antimicrobial properties far greater than Australian Tea Tree Oil or Manuka Oil from other parts of New Zealand. Research by the Cawthorn Institute has concluded that East Coast Manuka Oil is 20 to 30 times more active than Australian Tea Tree Oil for gram positive bacteria.

Helps in the repair and rejuvenation of skin by soothing and helping fight bacterial and fungal infections that cause itchy feet, acne, spots, rashes, irritations, infections and blemishes. Only East Coast Manuka Oil contains unusually high levels of triketones to fight these conditions so effectively.

This is my first bottle of Manuka Oil and I've used it on my face and hands with good results. Leaves my skin soft and absorbs quickly. I love the anti-fungal and antiseptic properties of it.

Ruth C. – November 27, 2015


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