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NZ Country Manuka was founded by a New Zealander living in the USA who grew up near where our Manuka Products are sourced. We import the raw product which is batch inspected and tested in New Zealand from a single source. Our operations are based in the USA where we manufacture and package our products which are now distributed and sold in many countries. We firmly believe in this natural, holistic health alternative, that has stood the test of time and practice by people for a hundred years, and continues to amaze science.

East Cape New Zealand

Local Community

Maori History

Honest Trade

The pristine land of New Zealand East Cape is a natural Treasure which the local community nurtures for us and future generations.

For centuries, the Tohunga, the Maori medicine man, used parts of the Manuka bush in treating colds, flu, fevers, stomach aches, even as a sedative and many other uses.

Your purchase of Manuka products provide industry and jobs, helping to build a stronger Maori community in a remote area of New Zealand, and is appreciated. Thank you!

Our Story

The English navigator Captain James Cook first sighted New Zealand on 6 October 1769, and landed in its East Cape region where our Manuka products are sourced. He found the Tohunga, the Maori medicine man, was treating the Maori people with ‘a special bush with medicinal qualities’. The medicine man used parts of the Manuka bush such as its leaves, its sap and bark in treating colds, flu, fevers, stomach aches, and even as a sedative. With this information Captain Cook made note of the Manuka bush, and he started to drink a tea made from the leaves of the plant, calling the Manuka plant ‘tea tree’ in his Endeavour Journal.

Captain Cook’s Journal went on to read “the leaves were used by many of us as a tea which has a very agreeable bitter taste and flavor ...” Captain Cook and his crewmen used the Manuka leaves as tea to protect them from scurvy keeping them healthy.

Later in the 1840’s, a missionary ancestor of the founding brothers of NZ Country Manuka, the Reverend Charles Baker, regularly visited the area and worked with local Maori administering to their spiritual needs. His sons continued his interaction among the local people. In recent years, the founding brothers (raised as children on the eastern coast of New Zealand) having run successful businesses in New Zealand and overseas in the USA, were connected back to their roots and set upon a quest to bring the wonders of the Manuka tree to modern natural therapy practices and helped stimulate an international demand for the oil. Supporting the community and land that has preserved its secrets for the modern world today.

Every bottle purchased will help towards the preservation of the church you see see above located on New Zealand's East Coast.

This took care of my daughters athlete's foot beautifully! She is allergic to Tea Tree Oil so we were looking for an alternative. What a find. This is wonderfully effective.

Lucky – January 18, 2016


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